What Matters…

In the end, it is what we have surrendered for Him that matters. We get carried away with titles, power, material things. The things that we own(or the things that we want to own). Yet, in the end, these are mere accessories to this life only… we cannot take this with us in our life after.

And what about that life after, what matters in that life? The richness of our understanding, the expanse of our compassion, the immensity we have placed in restraining ourselves from judging, the provocation of joy, instigation of laughter, the perpetuation of life through encouragement, nourishment… these are the wealth of our soul, the path towards cleanliness. And yet how much are we awakened to this? And if not now, then when?

Forgive the past, smile today.


to labor under the adversity
of Your might;
what gives in this indecision?
the shallow words
surrender, guilt ridden and empty…

roaches crawl in the still of night
and I am awake in dreams,
earthquakes endeavor rattle this
vulnerability inside me,
but I do not tremble or
raise myself from sleep,
shake Lazarus from underneath
his slumber to help me face
my deep-seated fear:
that to my demise
alone I keep
no other responsibility
’til the end
this death is mine
and mine to weep
I bring no other parcel
in the life after
or the one after that
until my soul to light
is complete

-mr gahon 3/31/14


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