Maybe because Easter isn’t far from us that I am thinking about Judas. The idea that there is a Judas all around, in the places suspected and unsuspected. They ask for something deeper from us, but in the end they prey upon our weaknesses, throw us under the bus, sell us over and over again. I don’t know for what intent, but it suddenly reminds me of Judas. These actions, the betrayals. It is prevalent all around and is never far from us. They serve as influence towards an easier path and in the end, we may ask, is this a path we wish to entertain?

to live myself as Judas
and lead you quietly to your
cross… have them throw
stones at me instead and
line the road with gravel
and bottle shards to pierce
through these temptations–I
am no more a pickpocket than
you: a con to a perfectionist
to a liar to a hypocrite while
I try everyday to summon
what angels may save me
from myself because I
desire, covet so much of this
pride inside. I rise and
yet I rise on the wrong
side (of the bed); and will
this lead me towards
enlightenment, living as I
have, betraying myself with
the allure of thoughts
even against the admonition
of winds

-mr gahon 4/6/14


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