There are days when we can literally fill our head with burdensome thoughts that weigh us down. Paranoia can do that to us. The things we carry around with us that can paralyze us. And then there are those guilt-ridden thoughts, the mistakes we can never seem to overlook and forgive ourselves for… we wear this as though they are trending fashionably in our minds. We wear it well, even though the outcome is this cowering style we can’t seem to shake from our system. This is probably doubt we are hanging on to, that part of the imagination where we learned to anticipate the worst. Thus, we cower all on our own. How then do we counter this?

Recognition is the first part and, having done so, the other part is to do the best we can to handle the situation that instills the fear inside of us. By identifying and acknowledging the fear, we can proceed to try and let go… letting go of the outcome no matter how foolish we may seem. Knowing that there is plan for us, we can step out of that wire and let go, let God truly work in our lives. For once to trust and allow Him to catch us underneath when we fall…. this is the true fight, the path we must take towards courage.

give me courage
if not armor
for these doubts
wrapped round my head,
as they weigh me
heavy of darkness;
swollen headaches as
vast at night…
neither my stomach or
nerves dare trespass
into tranquility
as I shiver like
an addict in the middle
of July underneath
blankets and blankets
to keep warm against
my winter thoughts,
doubts about sun and
light at the end of
the tunnel. should
I catch the train
to see again into
day… promises and
new beginnings
like finish lines
I cannot cross? so
I wait for You behind
the yellow ribbon…
Give me hope and catch
me when I surrender
give myself over!

-mr gahon 4/14/14


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