Even if we don’t, God wills Himself in the words. Without thought, without being told, it is simply written. No conflict, no pending doubt; the words flow, never abrasive. Every once in a while we get a moment like this. A gift of some sort allowing us to connect for just a moment to an understanding… to make us understand by feeling the word or emotion without explanation. Faith working through words.

Perhaps it is lost in me–
the eternal pathway,
what’s left of that
spiraling diamond toward
the sky; the blues of
my hope, stairways
cemented with stars and
the internal capability
to climb beyond
celestial bounds.

I’ve got this Eye on you,
set myself apart to see
the mystical truth and
everlast (yet all my
fears swell and subside
at the same time) As
the sun goes down, so
do my eyes open, bring
this new realm of
vision inside the silence
borne in my mind; I reckon
how much more there
is to contemplate,
connect to the Most High

-mr gahon 4/19/14


2 thoughts on “Words

    • Oh yeah… I loved your site. Thanks for reading mine. The idea of rising above our lower emotions that you wrote about… I took comfort in it. When you wrote that these are behaviors we have encountered and learned through our “lives,” I never looked at it in that way before. So thank you for sharing that.

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