Not yet gods…

That singularity with a deity… my oneness with my Light. This becomes very important when we have been enlightened. How can we be better individuals if not to take a step towards understanding or forgiveness; refrain from judgment? We are not gods yet; that’s why we roam this earth to work on purifying ourselves. We are not gods yet… and yet who are we to play judge, assume the worst of people and therefore hold them in that malign thought. Who are we that we think we could do that? We are not gods yet… ways, ways, ways to go from here.

no god am I
in these thoughts
filled with doubt,
consumed by earnest
jealousy– a chaos
nurtured in this head;
what god may stay
in this sty, what
filth and grime
can attract such
a worthy smile
if all the lights
inside barely
with a single
filament burning?

-mr gahon 5/5/14


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