A hundred million thoughts, worries come, but I cannot succumb. Faith. What is faith when all these stimuli come at you and there’s nowhere to go but to face it head one? To let go of the worries, the control, I’ve never found it so difficult. And yet, each day tries me, relays me towards the path of potential peace even when I know the complaints in my head are trying to get the very best of me. I cannot surrender even if it is the easier path. Faith… it is what is there for us to conquer.

what lies here in this
bunker… the neutrality
even as I prevent the battle,
I wage war against myself…
this terror bordering upon
my faith (how easily can I
be occupied and taken over…
the frustration, the weakened
stomach that shall twist and
bring me over?) And yet, I think,
what is there to lose if
in You, I believe?

-mr gahon 4/13/14


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