Sometimes, I forget what is inside you is also inside me. That the commonality is beyond our flesh or nationality, the countries we were born from, the foods that we consume. Sometimes, I forget that these, in the long run, don’t matter because if I get past it all, the differences (I think) between you and me is no more than what we have been lead to believe. For if we are all spirit foremost, then we are all the same. But the flesh is difficult to convince otherwise which is why I probably feel that day after day seems the same until we strike out and make that change to look for that oneness, that true likeness or lightness inside one another.

the oblivion rises,
in my own strange act
of darkness, I become
blind to the path,
estranged from you–
lost inside of me.
this light that bears
His image is the same
in you as it is
in me (so why do
I try to maim you
with sharp glances;
why do I look away,
undisturbed from these
silences?) I forget
as you forget, but
a deeper wedge sets
in for these
days I’m trying
hard to remember
what it was like
before the flesh

-mr gahon 5/20/14


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