Defeated? Sometimes I feel I do. Sometimes it’s hormone related and sometimes it’s not, but either way I’ve got to fight. Regardless the outcome, I need to, however defeated I may feel. And I try not to let it get the best of me because then I am really defeated. And these poems, however they may turn out, I win, even if it is just a little.

how long will I stay?
time will tell
too long have I waded
in the spaces wasted…
Mediocrity rules these
hollow walls, empty hearts,
rooms sans compassion; I
walked amongst you with
joy, zeal, idealism, but
it seems a farce along
with rules enforced and smiles
as well… this building,
these walls…how much more
’til it all falls(for
I imagined lightness
somewhere around your halo
before, none of the devastation
behind this darkened curtains, so
now) I’ve come to withdraw, bow
out before sundown… see
what’s left of light

-mr gahon 5/27/14


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