“love liberates”

Maya Angelou on my mind… her words echo and I can hear her say, “love liberates.” I am uncertain now which part of a quote this piece of wisdom belongs to (for Dr. Angelou had so many to impart to us), but the idea that love should set us free humbles me even more that I could imagine. At times, we have read into love and played into love wrongly. We have controlled with our love, become outright selfish, thought mostly about ourselves when we should have been thinking about others first. Love liberates… it does not hold us back, it does not hurt or rip our humanity into shreds. Love liberates… it is how we should proceed about this world even if we know; even if we know that our idea of liberating love isn’t the same for everyone.

too much I’ve held onto
precious pride, selfish
circumstances, deconstructed
pieces of me that aren’t me
but my antiquated self
crouched behind the light…
I’ve come much too far
to sit along the sidelines
and not make a single
difference out of these
words(not mine); when all
I can say is “I love,” I
hope it is enough to
draw out a smile,
impress everlast, make
manifest the god inside

-mr gahon 6/2/14


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