“For the one who lived, may you find joy and peace. And though I may never get the chance to say it, I hope where you go… I meet you there one day. Only in a moment’s passing, our paths crossed. Though I may never know the real strength behind you, I knew them to be in this morsel of food you shared with this world; and even if only a morsel, it was a morsel too much.”

What are we here for but to comfort one another, pledge our company(if not eternal) and do right by one another. Extract our light from within by encouraging one another in order to make this world bright. To know each other’s quirks if need be, give respect and love each another. Abandon war for kisses. Embrace to love and to let go. How far before we can even return? What learning, what sacrifice for the spirit to feel refreshed? It is in the silence, or so they say.

the honesty delights
more than you know
even if time is brief,
for a moment, a glimpse,
shyness from a smile;
even if life aged you,
sooner than you think,
I am glad that we
understood, it sometimes
doesn’t work the way
we want it too.
worlds apart we are,
the goal, the same…
to attain the brightest
Light, we are to proceed,
let none stop us

-mr gahon 6/10/14


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