A Million Years

Once upon a time, a million years ago… With so many things to learn from one another, from ourselves and how God threads through each one of us… our purpose here and for one another, I cannot help but think about these lately. And for the one who recently passed away, the one whose life I, we (our friends and family) were so unaware of, how good he lived with hardly any means, but with meager means he had so much, reached so much. His life, his legacy, reminds me that it doesn’t take a lot to affect another person’s life. It may start with a smile, it may be rekindled with forgiveness, but I hope the point is to try; to try and let go of the things that hold us back from loving one another, caring for each other, sharing our light with one another. To keep giving with principle… because doing so may, perhaps, lighten the burden and in turn enlighten a world.

lives of a million years lived and,
yet, into oblivion I am bound to
forget each detail of my life gone
by from guitarist, to painter, to baker,
to writer; all my mishaps learned
and then unlearned as I am reborn
and begat by another and another
as the lineage continues; then I am
spiked by karma’s derision
where all my spiritual misconduct
come back to me and punch me in the
face before it decides to ravage me
with guilt, distraught and cast me
into a most burdensome thought
that I contemplate, follow
into the brightness of sun
and burn as toasty as sins would
allow enough to flick off each
scabbed bark and wholly cleanse
the root of my soul

-mr gahon 6/16/14


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