May there be enough good inside of us to inspire joy, laughter and wonder in everyone we meet… all passersby. Even when it seems difficult for them to stand outside of themselves and return that same joy, same laughter, same inspiring wonder, I hope there is enough good in each one of us to pardon this moment, understand and move on. For what use is it to hold on to these occurrences. The beginning of weeds, I say; weeds that we allow to take root inside us like plants that eventually deplete us, decentralize the energy that potentially could inspire, change the path of one’s day by uttering a blessed greeting, eliciting a genuine smile. And if there were more moments like these when we can influence with a smile, perhaps, the day-to-day grind may be tolerable… may be even better than tolerable, but inspiring!

what smile is there
unshared, shut behind
wired teeth, building
energy deep within;
because I’m meeting
you for the first time
and though judge’s new
and impressions made,
disappointment is still
far from us if we can
surpass, bypass, keep
still in this moment
and let what smile
escape, live and
be free

-mr gahon 6/23/14


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