Believing in yourself is one thing, but believing what others can do alongside you is another. Trusting is sometimes a difficult act to follow through because we’ve all been thrown under the bus at one time or another. It doesn’t seem to help that the population of backstabbers seem to be growing by the second. And though there is an increase, it doesn’t mean they are outnumbering the people who are still trying to do right. When people show this side of themselves, it is as if watching the sun set right in my backyard. What a beautiful sight to be a part of amidst the grind, amidst grey mornings and heavily beaten afternoons, amidst the insanity… weeks in our own private asylum… what a sight to behold someone, who, for just a second, can be relied upon; in addition, they invite us to place our trust on them! What a sight really because even when we find ourselves unable to breathe, there is someone out there who just might revive us, bring us back to life.

for there are oceans unseen
and walks not taken, breaths
with only trace amounts of oxygen;
I am more worried than right
abandoned in disbelief about
what light may shine through
this most diligent wall
(lead and all), to deflect
from filthy vices and keep
me sheltered in my distrust
that I urge you to shatter,
pull me out from this
concealed matter and restore
me to when we first saw each
other: back to hope under well
lighted sidewalks and ascension

-mr gahon 6/30/14


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