Everyday is a struggle. Just when I think I am calm, I start to loose it. I become irritated, annoyed, and it feels as though a splinter that cannot be tweezed out. It is bothersome, but it is a part of me, my nature, my lifetimes of learning…. All these negative habits I am trying to unlearn in order to reach that peace, that place of prayer where a thought can bless, bring peace to someone who crosses my mind.

even when I lie here
in the aftermath…
explosions, the decimation
least compares
to the heart forlorn,
smeared, saturated
with shame– the
liberation of my god
relies on my love
empowered by the light
inherent, whose hues
differ from yours through
years reincarnated:
I struggle towards
purity, honesty,
redemption, enlightenment

-mr gahon 6/3/14


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