Perpetual joy is sometimes difficult to maintain, I know. For there are times I question why certain days are happier than others. I can have the greatest day, the happiest, and hope that it would rub off on others; it doesn’t, however.

And what then makes others so stubbornly irate and sad? I believe this is in the choices we make, the attitudes we decide to embark upon each day. To either be happy or not. Well, today, I chose happy and would that then be enough to cajole someone from inching out of their shells and for a second choose, despite the burdens and overbearing weight, to taste a hint of happiness? To have the courage to be happy and, in doing so, permit others to be happy too.

what joy we extinguish inside
we foolishly deny
the growth of one hapless hero
about to unveil, perhaps,
on the verge to curtail an
unnecessary lie in lieu of
the truth; for what lies ‘neath
the flesh is rarely seen, noted
or documented… covered in
crippled dots, we are inundated,
thwarted– our steps caught in a trap;
sand that is ticking away, is there
much time to reverse the wicked madness,
you and i, break bread over this
mild cup of happiness

-mr gahon 7/14/12


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