We can never loose hope no matter the circumstances, no matter what life throws in our direction. Hope is the gift to all of life’s curve balls. It means to catch and accept and grow ourselves forward. It is my hope that we endure with great positivity even as we are pushed down, even as they attempt to crush our spirit. The strength is in our hope, let us not forget.

what hopes we have gathered here,
we can never loose. one significant
truth to stand by, like drops of water
during a drought, I hold onto you
even as earth persists vehemently
beneath us– as the ground shakes,
even after the terror, the strain that
pushes my faith to waver, I shall
mute the noise of the world and pull
myself back into the silence and heal
the center-filled night I’ve coveted
so that in your eyes I may reflect
my everlasting light

-mr gahon 7/21/14


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