To defend one’s truth… sometimes we get so wound up about trying to present our truths, trying to convince others what it is that really happened and providing a statement with the correct suffixes and prefixes that we find tedious, but necessary. What I’ve come to discover is that we don’t need to do that, we don’t need to do a single thing because the truth rests with us and God knows this very truth that we are defending. All we have to do is remove our ego to get past and be able to let go of the ongoing feud taking place in our heads. “To thine own self be true.”

truth be
truth is
the matter
that needs
no explanation;
truth humbly is
simply be
an act of valor in
a silent room, a
brandished sword
for a spirit
at stake; a booth
confession from a
soul in conflict–
clipped wings, tar
and feathered, I’m
ready to shed this
fear capsizing and
elevate with truth

-mr gahon 8/4/14


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