It is simply what I want… to unposses; to keep a simple, lead a simple life. How much we are attached to things. I have a hard time letting go of books, clothes, things I think define me. But it is our character that make us who we are, the essence we shape, the minds we nurture (not to forget our heart and spirit). The latter is what we need to build up after all. For possessions can be dispensed off in the end, the make up of our soul and spirit, however, its degree of brightness remains with us forever.

what possessions I may have,
possesses me, surrounds me,
imprisons me… quietly takes
over me. I am a wealthy colony
for advertisements that go
oooh and ahh amidst traffic
(and I burn, burn, burn);
I drive the price of gas high,
regardless(since I rather
unplug, even after all this
want, despite what I don’t
need); carelessly, I proceed
to fill this void unexamined,
whose content is unknown to
me, but I live day to day trying
to unmask, deliver me from
the confines of petty minds and
envelop me in such scarce noise
as silence where I may cast off
each worried sound and elevate

© mr gahon 8/19/14


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