When joy is the outcome, what is it that we are willing to do?
When everything seems fine, why is it that we have this tendency to tamper it with thoughts and worries so that joy, at times, is hindered, pressed down so deep into our hearts that we forget how good it is to laugh, to be happy? Joy is part of our natural state of being and if we don’t let it out most times, our well being will suffer as our potential to share our greatest light will be compromised thus becoming dim, slick-haired, joyless, transparent individuals. To be happy, know what happiness means for it is as vital as what we need to be for this world.

release this joy,
uncap this bottle and
swallow some pride,
all the mind’s complaints
gathered inside an hour–
happiness has highest value
over mediocre thoughts that
insist I have won them over;
each time I drink false
compliments, nothing there is
revealed but the pulse charge
of negativity that rapidly
degenerate into this vapid,
shallow corpse, hollowed,
desiccated… oh my joy!
unleash thyself from me

© mr gahon 9/17/14


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