Betrayals of a new world… it seems to be more prevalent these days: how easily one could betray, backstab people in the back. People’s drive to move forward, to move up the ladder, to climb to the top without so much as putting any work in is often paved with some sort of underhanded action which, in the culprit’s mind, is rationalized as okay so long as they can apologize for it through text. Really classy! (and I mean that in a most facetious way). And if betrayals abound, what do we do, how do we cope with such disappointing hurt? Don’t ever yield it any power. How can I emphasize this? DON’T! Betrayals build character. Even if the pain is somewhat a challenge, from its momentary fires we are able to rise from its embers more energized with the gift of thought that reminds us that God wants something better for us.

i forgive
if you
for nothing
you can destroy–
only build as
tall as Babel;
my light
you will never
touch like
the sky

© mr gahon 9/22/14


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