Love Rules

Love rules everything. If ever there was a choice as to what shall govern me, I want it to be love. Because love won’t afford me to betray, be selfish or judge others. Love will allow me to work based on my inner instincts which is the God-given light inside of me. To work it so that I may spread this light, I can spread love all around. But as much as I want love to rule all of me, I find myself sometimes short, fluctuating between good and bad. The nature in me is that very struggle and I know that I must lean more towards the side of good in order to reach a balance, some way that I shall stay joyful and kind and patient if ever I want to power that light, that love that will someday rule us all.

love rules;
in my indecision
emerges a clarity
that rhymes above
what I conclude
to be the heart
inside this rose,
as it blooms, and
whose visage
counters all of
sadness…. i am
joy, laughter, the
light of possibility;
my love will reign
where I may shine

© mr gahon 9/29/14


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