To love a world…

What does it mean to love this world and everyone and everything in it? It is a tall order and I seem to lack most times. However hard I do try, sometimes it isn’t hard enough and I fall short of the order, beat, at times, from even attempting. And then I arrive at moments like this and, as weary as I have become, I have to re-energize myself and get back out there to do what I can to reinstill joy in my immediate environment. For I know not everyone thinks of the world in this way, but I can’t let those thoughts hinder me from contributing what I can to this world, even if it is only a commitment through a smile or to provoke laughter.

we are not just moment
in time
we are memory latched
onto this earth
locked for eternity
without keys
or combination
to unscramble us open–
my heart welcomes you,
beckon you come enter
in through the doorway
and look for me inside
the wealth of silences
where I refrain from judgement
to see you entirely (as
God already) and as I
see you with fresh eyes

© mr gahon 10/7/14


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