Rejuvenated Mind

I didn’t know how much I would crave a rejuvenated mind… to cleanse myself clear of the irritation, the mild annoyance and to free myself from judgement and criticism. I am a work in progress and though I seem to fail everyday, by the end of the night I get back up and try to see it new somehow. What have I learned and how can I grow from here? Ultimately, I believe these questions are the ones that will grow us forward, help us think how can our minds strive for youth and innocence in a way that will enable us to see our immediate environment as new and as one that may offer to teach us something valuable to better enhance the world around us.

love lies
this rejuvenated mind
peel its tender layers
and unveil
the clarity of sky,
unclouded simplicity,
peace and purity
sans ego
or pride

© mr gahon 10/14/14


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