Not yet gods

We may all look different from one another, but it is our light, the degree of its brightness (or darkness), that makes us similar to one another. Imagine that… we are made in the image and likeness of God and yet we still find ways to criticize and tear each other down. The human flesh is much more challenging and complicated and it may compel us to hold fast to anger, judgement and criticism. Thus, insecurity thrives because our pride is much too elevated for us to take a step down and humble ourselves to the level of culpability. In essence, we are all capable of what we perceive as negative in others. This is our nature here on earth… we aren’t perfect… we are not yet gods.

not god
nor I am
my mistakes
balance me,
make me strive
(where already
I thread
on the edge
of sin)
and spread
my arms taut
toward the sky
to touch my savior’s
hand reaching
inside me

mr gahon 10/20/14


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