Have Faith

How much faith do I have in myself? This is the question that I most often fail at because there is no real measure for it. I don’t really know how much faith I have until I see someone who doesn’t have faith at all. One who has been blessed with the talent to go full speed ahead, but is limited in their vision as to how to utilize their gift. It’s unfortunate and I’m almost saddened by it because talents multiply when we learn to let go and spread it in our immediate environment. The more positive it is the better because it catches on like fire. To make that kind of difference, even small increments can potentially create a spark in someone to lay down the seeds of change in this world. All it takes is faith… that belief in ourselves.

where faith lies ignites me,
raises me above the ignorance
that swallows me, tug at my
self-esteem and pulls
me deep into the chasm of
invariable disbelief–
the negativity of swollen chaos
devours me into shame,
chastises me, consumes me
until I am pushed into a corner
blind as the lies sprinkled
upon me like holy water
I drown inside this hollow
stillness… hopeless…
for where faith dies
destroys me

© mr gahon 11/10/14


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