Master of my Fate

“The master of my fate, the captain of my soul.” These words haunt me for though these should move me towards change for the better, I forget my spiritual purpose and find myself regressing just a little to catch myself at this point; that I am neither the master or captain. That I am still marred and influenced by many things, I react when I shouldn’t… I should be zen and at peace, but I am not. For these, I lag behind. I have to scrap most of it and start from the beginning.

Maybe that’s all we really need. A new beginning. For us to become the persons we need to be, perhaps a clean slate is mandated. Only then can we learn to rectify ourselves, our behavior. To be at peace internally in order to be able to project it toward our exterior environment. To stand firm like Neo, from the Matrix, and have the bullets come at us as though they are nothing at all.

a master at any–
i am none.
tricks of the cards,
deck upon deck,
I have learned
nothing but exceptions
to the rule– and
there are none.
i shall not rise
above this estranged
mind who turns my
spirit off, blowing
this flicker of light
I struggle to ignite;
if ever a blessing comes,
I pray it comes
to revive the death
wreaked havoc
inside me

© mr gahon 11/24/14


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