Beyond Exhaustion

This day has caught me beyond exhaustion. Wondering how the day would turn out and what is the next step after this? Here’s the thing… what I am learning is that when we let go, everything seems smoother. When we have the courage to allow God to take over, everything runs on autopilot. Our exhaustion is nothing more than a moment’s gasp for air and we recover so quickly that I wonder sometimes why we held our breaths in and worried so hard about it. This is what it means to have faith in ourselves and all that is happening in and around our lives. There’s a reason for what is happening right now. We just need to hang back and let it unfold before us.

life lead me to the mount,
raise me from this confusion–
this weary place where shoulders
weigh as burdensome as life can be

raise me above wonder
towards certainty of mind
where rests the god inside,
beyond exhaustion pushing
past the chaos to reveal the
righteousness of plan
rightfully meant for us

© mr gahon 12/1/14


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