The World Around

They all come because of inspiration. The world around me, the people who surround me. Whatever the circumstances are, whether people betray me or encourage me further, I’ve come to understand that in each action there is a blessing in disguise. For however I strive to rise above the pain, I won’t come to realize until later, much, much later that there is a Higher Being guiding me along. God has been there all along. Because my pride forbids it, I was unable to read the message between the lines. Pain is nothing more than an opportunity to get stronger. There’s the rub as they say. Hence, they transform into the poems that I write today.

these poems arrive not by mail,
but messaged by God through
the silent wires intertwined
in and about my subconsciousness
where derived my worship, my focus,
my time to configure
the formula to me,
my path, my destiny–
they enter after a gentle knock
and these words step inside,
wipe their bare feet
and relinquish all indifference
set aside and open, as one would,
the heart once enveloped in darkness

– mr gahon 12/7/14


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