What’s Our Worth?

Rarely do people see their worth. The worth of their spirit, the worth of their entire human existence. It’s right there staring them in the faces and yet they relinquish it and invest their time elsewhere instead of nurturing their self-worth. Because this worth moves the human being, allows them to stand firm and strong in the face of tragedy and chaos. It allows them to walk straight ahead, instead of meandering, loosing their way from the righteous path. We collect fear and doubt as a result of not knowing who we are and what our lives mean in this world. Because no matter how insignificant we feel, we are all jewels with something more to contribute to this world. Even if we have been made to feel insignificant and without value, we are worthy in God’s eyes. We are His treasures after all. Who are we then to assume that we are elementary and unpolished when we have been gold from the beginning of time?

to heal you back from neglect (I
am no more an animal upon this
leash) the eternal desecration
of man inside pretentious walls
lead me to believe in praising
your soul (instead), to lift
you above the scarcity of this
spiritual ineptitude where
happily you swim around in,
skipping, frolicsome, dodging
the truth of your worth when
you are gold from conception,
a diamond uncorrupted until
flesh happened upon your naked
soul, imprisoned by fear–
slowly, mercifully (I beg)
disrobe this spirit of night
and be free

– mr gahon 12/15/14


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