To end this year with gratitude. We have an entire year to be thankful for. Most of us are ending on a good note, but there are others who may not be on the same page and, for some reason or other, are ending this year on a bad note. My prayers go out to them.

Looking at the entire year, however, I’ve been blessed with inspirations. I’m blessed because I live everyday not far from children’s laughter or their humor manifested through their innocence, through new adventures in counting and learning new words. Putting sentences together to communicate, to joke around, to play pretend and to laugh. Simple words that I’ve taken for granted, but now more beautiful because they are uttered by children. The purity, the vibration echoed from each word is a blessing on its own and I am fortunate, incredibly blessed to be around such adorable human beings.

Inspiration abounds us. We don’t need to look further, jump on a plane and fly across the country to be inspired. All we have to do is open our hearts to the simplicity and purity that life offers around us because the projections are more grand than how they seem, especially when we allow it to enter us so we can nurture them in a way that will propel us to be kinder to one another, to do good in this world.

my every prayer–you;
each thought, each sparkle
of smile inspire, resurrect
my thoughts to reach
the Highest–
to contemplate and look
over with every ounce of me,
how to lead you further
in your steps, let you skip
and run into tomorrow; how
may I lead you to the ocean
and back, to swim, let alone
breathe the hours of day even
if it is just a variety show
of your doing that I adore;
how each digit from your
hands recount how many days
I could love you over
and over as I do today

-mr gahon 12/18/14


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