Children and Mother Earth

It’s children and mother earth I’m concerned about. Two gifts we must nurture and cultivate. Where are we without this earth and what are we without the laughter or the influence of innocence from a child? Too many times, both have been radically abused when they exist to help us along our paths, to inspire, love and take care of us in a cyclical way. I can only hope to give back and return with much gratitude.

in hope, I may see you still
into the night
stars bright upon a blackened sky
whose ink covets all but the moon
and I pray…
I hope for a better day
where the delight of flowers
bring awesome bloom
to inspire what roses may
smile subtly beneath
here your delicate nose;
to infuse joy in every open
pore and seal what’s left
of thoughts that blesses
youth and this earth
to bring peace
unite with One

-mr gahon 1/5/15


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