Beauty Hath Compassion

Everything collapses into one. When someone passes, I can’t help fuse my thoughts about God, beauty and my grandmother and how all seems to be unified. There’s joy and then there’s sadness, though I don’t think the latter is rooted in God. But everything seems to be same somehow, each one intricately put together as though there aren’t any dimensions at all, only one smooth plane.

beauty hath compassion
upon the dead and saddened
eye; these daffodils stare
blankly into the sky and
when sullen, ornery rain
comes down… where it leaks,
my tongue shall catch
every last drop of mercy
to pardon this stench and
solid mess; cleanse me
from the stains that derail
my faith upon the grandeur
of this earth underneath
careless feet racing with
laughter— I behold this
world in a tight embrace,
I won’t let you go

-mr gahon 1/20/15


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