all I have

There’s a line from the new Kanye West/ Rhianna song with Paul McCartney: “Kindness taken for weakness.” No matter how kind we are, there will always be those who will fail to understand and take advantage of the situation. There’s a part of me that wants to get the better of them, but realizing that it is my ego that stirs me in this direction stops me from acting, stops me from engaging. And no matter how shaken I am, I remind myself that it is only the flesh that makes me react in the way that I do. This too shall pass.

when the ego rises above me,
no longer am I my senses derived
from the light within, who anchors
me despite persistent turbulence and
insignificant complaints; i become
something outside of my intentions:
enraged, obsessed, unable to let go
of myself when all I have is the
kindness shed upon this earth, the
deeds toiled over, the laughter,
gladly, I share with this world

© mr gahon 4/13/15


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