There’s a peeling away that we go through. Like with a potato, they say? Somewhat like when we peel a potato. Because we are constantly changing, shedding those parts of us that no longer fits our lifestyle or our mindset becomes necessary. Growth is essential and we must make room for our potential to fill in the vacant spaces.

where i may bloom in this
sky, newly emptied, and silence
deemed fresh as i never heard
before; words mute themselves
in the presence of this inevitable
transformation… the mirror tells
me otherwise but i can feel the
pounds in my thoughts lightening
as though i am being raised towards
heaven, unknowingly. and i succumb,
regardless, because the light is much
too powerful than i had imagined…
it saves me from the uncanny voice of doubt,
and urges me to let go of my vices

© mr gahon 4/28/15


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