fears and doubts

It haunts me sometimes, how the tools to release our potential exist in each one of us. None of us were unfairly left behind. It’s just I don’t think we have empowered ourselves enough to discover it inside ourselves. The one person who can free us from the prison we keep shuffling back into is us. So what are we doing sitting on our butts and wading in stagnancy? No matter what, we must take action because there is a lot of lovelessness at risk. And what would it take for hope to grow in such empty places? When we begin to stir towards action.

coffee needs stirring
and so shall i inside
this bound cup where
its confines shall
catapult me from the
edges, equip me with
the armor to storm
through endless walls,
hindrances that are
nothing more than my
fears and doubts

© mr gahon 4/30/15


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