Differences Between Us

The differences between us is what fundamentally makes us good. This unique singularity about us is what we are meant to share in order to enhance one another. If we don’t recognize this earlier on, then we shall loose out on the greatest opportunity to learn from one another.

not what i seem…
i am my own sunstone,
dial and lines to beg
the sun for direction;
forbidden mastication
hunger urges upon this
uncooked meat, so raw
it transfers its disease
as i digest pieces of the
muscle to pacify the rolling
clamor, the chaos surging…
oh why must i reflect upon
colors that separate you
and i, segments us into
hierarchies between light
and dark spectrums when
we are all equally golden
in His eyes? why must i
pause, dedicate a second
to imagine the frustration
behind intolerance— when
we are all made in His
exact image? why must i
be human about it, submit
to my flesh’s weaknesses?

© mr gahon 5/1/15


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