In Search of Faith

Just this week, I was asking for faith to be deeply strengthened in me. As I was asking God for this, I was simultaneously wondering in what form this would take. The next day, it makes its appearance. How quickly God works….

It’s the thing that I need, it’s the thing that I want… greatest faith: the kind that won’t allow me to waver, but stand still and unmoved. The kind that won’t allow me to sink to the level of those whose intentions mean to step over with complete disregard to advance their agendas for the sake of their unrelenting selfishness. To be still amidst great adversity, this is what I’m about to plunge into. Just a little bit of patience is all that’s needed.

the eager nervousness
surfaces,excited for
the collaboration
this work in faith
pulls me down
a labyrinth of highways
where cars collide and
I am untouched,
above it all
as though I walk
on water

© mr gahon 6/18/15


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