What is it that makes us so tightly bound to our flesh that we forget the makeup of who we are… that we are all made from God’s essence, made in his image and likeness. Who am I then to criticize another, point out their shortcomings when I am the same endeavoring to set things right? Who am I to gather such boldness inside that I seem to let humanity down with my sometime imperfect thought and speech? What then does that make me? Oh yes, human! But the balance between godliness and being human… that’s the most challenging part of it all.

i love you the same
even when my senses
get the best of me
and i forget that
love begets love
and not this stained
effort from this
distant handshake,
premature thought
that subjects you
into this disgruntled
orb where you can never
escape the wrath i hold
within… i hope you
can forgive as i strive
myself for mercy
seemingly out of reach


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