I contemplated the what if today, and what I had been. I grow ashamed of my own selfishness, the lack of common sense goodness I wish to have. And yet all my flaws seem to greet me abundantly and I think about the sudden alure of what it would be like to have the perfect soul. Will there be anything left for me to do or to improve upon? I’m a work in progress so then I must let it come, whatever imperfection, and deal with it directly. Maybe, just maybe, something good can come out of it.

for as long as sun can burn, my
spirit shall endure, persevere
where words cannot breathe their
intent. so long as i act how i
mean my integrity to heart, what
stands can never loose balance
and belief shall never waver nor
faith itself in these destructive
times; though where i may spiral
to loss i hope i may be quickly
revived towards victory

© mr gahon 6/8/15


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