What is it about power and why does it drive us towards selfishness sometimes? The need to withhold, restrain ourselves from giving when it is that very gesture that empowers. What is it about the flesh that makes us react in a threatened manner, insecurity oozing even if we are trying not to show it? One can conceal it well enough, but, honestly, one can feel it.

the powerlessness within is
the power wanting, desiring,
hungry above all else…
when nothing is ever satisfactory
and abundance is within reach;
though, easily we are blinded,
no force can disrupt insatiable
greed propagating selfishness at
will; its seed takes root inside our
periphery and the stems break through
the atmosphere, taking for granted what
generosity has given— oh mercy,
oh life, what have we forsaken

© mr gahon 6/14/15


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