There are times when we really don’t even celebrate ourselves. We accomplish, we get over a hurdle, bypass an obstacle, but we forget to acknowledge them. Giving ourselves that deserved pat on the back sometimes have become a challenge on its own. We must remember, however, to commemorate these victories, however large or small, so that we have a measure for how far we’ve come, how much in ourselves we have evolved.

we’ve miles up the road…
a curvaceous hill down an
unwinding terrain, a maze
that confuses me and I lose
my way behind its landmarks,
apple trees to sage brushes
I can hardly pinpoint on a map,
but there above lies the
brightest star; and from
where I gaze, in turn,
navigate myself out from
this purgatory and into
the heart of diffused light—
I raise my hand to the sky!

-mr gahon 7/13/15


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