“Endure a little further… endure just a little more.” These words rescue me each time I think I may turn towards drastic measures and surrender. Out of nowhere, the words seem to whisper themselves from out of my pores soon after I have rambled about an endless list of complaints. And no matter what, I must change my mindset, alter my perspective amidst an unchanging world. Instead of investing in complaints, I can choose to seize such moments as opportunities to best myself against small, insignificant matters that collect and can potentially wear out my mental and physical state. For even if I dwell on fairness and the righteousness of it all, not everything will be, not in work or in life. We are imperfect creatures moving towards change, but not everyone will be on the same page. There’s no use getting frustrated about it. We simply must endure… endure a little further.

no alteration necessary, simply
it is the limitation of the
conscious mind which fences
us in such small spaces with
neither desire or ambition
to uproot ourselves from
the meaningless rooms we
occupy; compartments where
now I must sequester myself
from, for if you cannot change
yourself to accommodate the
world, I must change these
perspectives to understand you

-mr gahon 7/20/15


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