No matter what card is dealt us, we must learn to embrace it fully for though we have not uncovered the reason, somewhere in its folds is a blessing in disguise. The silences we meet, often, is an opportunity to connect with our inner selves, if not to tap into that inherent peace, perhaps, discover the answers to the many questions that persist about ourselves and that of our own purpose in life.

where do i go from this state?
silence, you’ve pulled me away
from the chaos, the cacophony i’ve
dwelled in all this time without
the question, why? why must i with
my heart follow, burrow myself
deep inside as a worm tunnels
through the core of an apple; wedge
myself and lie still between uncomfortable
and pain that i delay as trauma
would have me doubt, go forth toward
that noise and gravely plunge into
confusion? as quiet as these arms
are open, i return home to your embrace

© mr gahon 7/26/15


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