No conformity, no compromise…

No conformity, no compromise. Sometimes, these are challenging places to inhabit, especially when our integrity and moral values are put to the test. The very ideals we believe in and the basic freedom to expess and act according to our truths are suddenly marred by narrow minded individuals who use their power as though a toy they can wield carelessly. In doing so, the price of oil is raised and the salary of the common man is whittled down to meager size.

Those who dare crush the human spirit is no match for its resilience while those who play with people’s lives like chess pieces dare provoke the balancing powers of the universe. Karma comes to mind, but, unfortunately, not everyone is aligned or governed by the idea of what goes around, comes around.

in this battle waged,
even if you think you’ve
won, diminished my truths
and slayed each of my men….
my spirit triumphs for them,
over you who have thought
less and less about purity,
the necessity to lift the very
heart of man from disparity…
how dare you cover up mistakes
and let someone else take the
fall? can you still claim you
won, even if you’ve cheated us
out of our own (lives)?

© mr gahon 8/3/15


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