What I learned about forgiveness this week… clearly, there is more power behind it than I ever thought or imagined. It’s never easy to forgive because the hurt sometimes is incredible that we cannot even begin to think forgiveness as an option to unburden us. I often think our time here on earth is part of the matriculation from which we can nurture and elevate ourselves spiritually. We are to love one another surely, but then what form does that love take? Of course there are many forms and I believe one of them has to be forgiveness. Love then becomes about pushing through slighted feelings and putting closure into every single one of them. Push, regardless of what it may be owed to one’s pain because pushing through means not lingering behind so that we can move forward in the most productive manner in order to best serve our immediate surrounding through strength, the cleanliness and lightness of our minds.

what i may not learn immediately,
i shall learn in time; what insecurity
bequeath me i shall remove like a thorn
from my side; (though i may bleed often),
the pain will suggest when to leave,
quickly detach from your hand so as i
may no longer hold on too deeply. quietly,
i push through the conflict and resentment,
get away before it wholly engulfs me

© mr gahon 8/26/15


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