miracle and traffic

I’ve always taken for granted the mystery in which God works in our lives. I think I’m always expecting grandiloquence that leans on the obvious. Because of this, I miss the miracles encrypted in the unexpected and often messy events. Like traffic. Who knew an accident on two lanes of the freeway earlier today, culminating into a two hour drive time to work, would somehow heal a relationship at a standstill? Who knew that this sudden, unexpected event would start a conversation about traffic and tardiness and simultaneously dispel tensions long held within? Who knew it would create an opening for a new beginning. (I certainly didn’t!)

Heavy traffic on an already congested freeway can only bring anxiety and frustration. Today, however, it allowed me to feel into something else… peace of mind and forgiveness, to forget the past and simply begin new again. That is perhaps the miracle God wants me to witness.

what lends itself in the past cannot be
dragged into the present nor wait to
catapult itself into the future; the
gravity of tomorrow is just as heavy
as the past without today to interpret
the meaning behind collisions… traffic,
the loneliness, the depth of my sincerity
conjured from my shame; i must remain
humble if ever i am to witness how water
turns to wine, grant me drink it all from
a glass, and for one drunken minute,
testify to the wonder of the divine

© mr gahon 9/4/15


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