no fear

To have no fear. To be without fear. Why is it such a hard concept to grasp? What are the events in our lives that lead us to this place. What instilled fear in us? Is it to balance our character, pull us down a bit to make us humble? Or is it because of faithlessness, a deficit of light within? Whatever it is, we must extract this seed from within, forever expel it from our system so we may sow courage in its place.

how many times must i conclude,
end with a statement with both
fists in the air, willing myself
as i would like winds… unstoppable!
it’s all i ever wanted amidst this
dragon and dungeoned world, to escape
the fire and wander into the city
where loneliness finds me sat upon
a saddle galloping towards the sun
to harness what light I may extract
beyond the extension of its rays

-mr gahon 9/6/15


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