refrain from judgement

In light of the suffering people endure at this point in time, I still want to push for love. Love, in essence, can be the greatest comforter… a blanket, if you may, to our most chilling sorrow. I want to try and understand, but sometimes the most hurtful transgressions between two people can only be understood by God. Coming to this conclusion, I must refrain from judgement.

when my heart cannot take anymore,
with this apple from the tree
i bite and pray for some clarity,
make sense of the nonchalance
through which i must bare
the question to this despairing
indignity; the blood spills and
i am troubled you’ve not washed
the stain off your hands, as
though the guilt upon your
fingerprints is a signature
you want to leave behind

-mr gahon 9/8/15


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