what goes around comes around…

Never kick someone when they are at their lowest, or when they are sick! That’s just really low… lower than mud or fertilizer underneath all that mud. However, when it does happen, there’s also no reason to rise to the level of those crafty and calculating individuals who tamper with peace, who dare shake the foundation where we stand. Fight it, take revenge against it, do what it is what we want to do so long as we are aware that every action garners a reaction. This is just the natural law. No matter how difficult the situation maybe, try and handle it in the most positive way! Send light their way… maybe they are acting in that way because they’ve been in the dark for so long. Because if they haven’t realized it by now… what goes around comes around!

where in the dark you struggle
and no light you can reach or
pull dares not lend itself
when most needed… there you
regurgitate such strange words,
the trickle of saliva bludgeons
with self-serving intentions
even as i am knocked to the
ground, limbs broken, bruised
but unscarred— leave me a
moment to let the fumes escape,
for until the smoke dissipates,
only then can i pray for you


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