Grateful For…

Warmth is a luxury during the winter months. We duck into malls, offices and coffee shops where we know it will be warm; our homes with working heaters and thick, Korean blankets. I’m grateful for the availability of heat because I know not everyone has the means to keep warm. They are on the streets, mere shadows dodging cold nights, even colder mornings tucked away inside their winter coats as their protection, their walls, their winter homes. I know they are everywhere and they are out there craving heat, this luxury coming out of my vent. I am one of the fortunate ones who don’t have to be out there fighting the cold, all that is zero below. As I can’t help but be grateful tonight, I know that there’s not much I can do but hope and pray that for those battling the cold weather, may they find relief under a heated lamp, inside a room with a fireplace or the heater on. Some sort of shelter I pray to protect everyone during these really cold months. I hope that they are well. I hope that they survive.

cold, you smother my warmth,
this heat, this calorie burning…
i add on pounds instead; i’m ready
to hibernate except i can’t just
leave and hide in a cave somewhere,
sleep all winter knowing some child
shivers, another trembles from the
heavy precipitation of snow charging,
the cold accosting each cheek with
frozen hands. i’m slipping into a
winter coma… pray i wake up before
summer; may the heat disperse, never
surrender as i hope you win over frigid
thoughts that make winter even colder


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